Decision-Making, Collaboration, and Communication Software for Boards

Since the COVID-19 epidemic began, managers and boards have stepped into uncharted area, amplifying both their own and their teams’ strengths and flaws. While many businesses acknowledged that the crisis had altered the dynamic between management and workers, some might not have realized it had also had an effect on the dynamic between boards of directors and management teams, making collaboration and communication crucial. In order to be prepared to lead their enterprises toward the new normal, boards of directors must step up their game in order to support management teams operating under extremely difficult circumstances.

These technologies can help management teams make prompt decisions that assist staff, clients, and stakeholders. Readiness depends on having the necessary tools to address governance and communicate in a timely and secure manner.


Advanced cloud-based safe governance software called ContractZen makes managing board duties including managing complex contracts, managing board meetings, entity management, e-signatures, and virtual data rooms very simple (VDR). For talks to continue even after meetings, a meeting management module offers minutes and follow-up assignments.

ContractZen’s main attributes are:

  • ai-powered search, dynamic filtering, and automatic reminders for contract management;
  • 100% paperless board portal with integrated VDR and esignature features;
  • management of legal entities;
  • document management based on metadata;
  • generating documents with intelligence.

Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards is board portal software that improves communication and productivity for directors and executives. Executives and board members may collaborate easily, safely, and effectively using its board and leadership collaboration workflows and capabilities. For better decision-making, curated data and information offer in-depth knowledge.

Diligent Boards Software’s main attributes are:

  • meetings might be virtual, actual, or hybrid;
  • dedicated, secure channel for working together on sensitive materials;
  • making judgments based on data requires intelligence and analytics;
  • process automation for time-consuming tasks.

iBabs Software

A board portal application called iBabs Software makes it easier to plan board meetings and makes sure they go more smoothly. It is possible to produce board agendas and packets more quickly, and any device can be used for collaboration, voting, and meeting summaries. Boards may more easily keep track of agendas, objectives, and decisions thanks to iBabs.

iBabs Software’s main attributes are:

  • instead of taking days, board packs can be made and shipped immediately;
  • access schedules and documents 24/7, even when offline, from any place and device;
  • push and automatic email notifications;
  • highlight critical dates and items on the agenda;
  • process control for approval.

Govenda Software

Board members can easily collaborate online or offline from any location and on any device with the help of Govenda Software’s board relationship management tools. By streamlining procedures, enabling real-time voting, and obtaining e-signatures more quickly, it saves administrators and boards time.

Govenda Software’s main attributes are:

  • production of electronic board books;
  • board roster creation and management;
  • managing documents securely;
  • single sign-on for many boards Advanced compliance controls.

OnBoard Software

A board intelligence platform called OnBoard Software is made to function just like boards. Its goal is to facilitate the delivery of practical solutions and lessen complexity so that board members can concentrate on the important concerns for stakeholders. Boards can concentrate on making better decisions more quickly and taking action with the support of OnBoard.

OnBoard Software’s main attributes are:

  • agenda and minutes creator with drag-and-drop;
  • board evaluation;
  • real-time gathering of meeting analytics;
  • plan, monitor, and evaluate voting and approval processes;
  • tracking of board member competencies.
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